lip plumper eyelashes

Needles..Bye Bye, Plumpers say Hi! Botox, Restylane, and Plastic Surgery step to the side, we are in the age of lip plumpers. Spare yourself the pain, the money, and the doctors to introduce this beauty trend into your life. Companies are shelling out inexpensive options to give your lips the boost it needs. Your makeup […]

As we endure massive FOMO when the newest product hits the stands and we are breaking the bank to keep up with the beauty trends, sometimes natural is better. In a world of high gloss, bright colors, and a new product being launched every second of the day, keeping it simple with your makeup is […]

“I love kissing your dry lips!” said NO ONE ever. As ladies (even gentlemen), we want our lips to be moist, soft and undeniably kissable. Whether you are scrambling to your first Tinder date, or locking lips with your true love, dry, crispy and hard lips are a huge NO. It’s time to pair up […]

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