Between pool parties, beach bakes and traveling up the coast with your hair blowing in the wind, “aint nobody got time” for anything else. Our summer brains have turned off the thought of anything short of amazing and have gone straight into relaxation mode. Now that you have found time to take the summer break […]

Wavy one second, frizzy the next. This story sounds all too familiar when the heat is rising and your hair can’t handle it. Whether the dry heat of the desert, or the consistent moisture when the temperature is climbing, what’s a gal or guy to do to battle this hairy situation? It’s time to set […]

A single process or full bleach to blonde is not an easy task. The thought of going from brown to blonde sounds amazing, but let’s get real, it takes a lot if time, money and maintenance. After you have endured the numerous hours in the salon chair, the scalp burn, and come out looking as […]

There may only be 24 hours in the day, but a lot of us wish there could be more. Between the early morning gym routine, the daily grind at work, and everything else that makes us “busy bees” who really has the time to dedicate to the dreaded everyday hair wash. All praise the dry […]

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