Oh Hello Fall, it’s so nice to see you again, you’ve been missed! The warm weather might be coming to an end but it doesn’t mean your look has to. Let’s face it, we aren’t ready for our tans to fade, our skin to dry and for that summer glow to weather. You’ve spent numerous […]

In the day and age where we can basically do what we want, when we want, why not switch up our look a little bit. The hair trends are growing at a rapid rate, cycling back to the ombre hair fad, the classic bob cut and a long and wavy mane that is always a […]

Wait….is summer almost over? Fall is quickly approaching but it doesnt mean we have to get out the makeup yet. It’s been a fresh faced summer with “barely-there” face foundation and light lip-glosses galore, but it’s never to late to prep for what’s to come with our fall makeup regimen. When the weather starts changing, […]

Between pool parties, beach bakes and traveling up the coast with your hair blowing in the wind, “aint nobody got time” for anything else. Our summer brains have turned off the thought of anything short of amazing and have gone straight into relaxation mode. Now that you have found time to take the summer break […]

The sun is shining, the heat index is up, but safety is number one. With the sun strength at an ultimate high, skin protection is important, but eye protection is also must. Sunglasses always add a little extra to an outfit, but why not add a little more UV protection while we are at it. […]

The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching and what better way than to celebrate with some of your favorite fruity essentials. Whether laying by the pool, or soaking up the sun in the sand, it’s time for a sweet treat. From luscious lip scrubs, plumping pinks, and edible accessories, these five favorites add some fruity flavor to the […]

Wavy one second, frizzy the next. This story sounds all too familiar when the heat is rising and your hair can’t handle it. Whether the dry heat of the desert, or the consistent moisture when the temperature is climbing, what’s a gal or guy to do to battle this hairy situation? It’s time to set […]

Yes the L.A. weather has been a little off lately, but what better way to ring in summer than with a forever wet lip gloss that gives a little shine on a gloomy day. Lip stains and tinted lip balms are makeup classics but a high pigment gloss, jam-packed with shine is a perfect addition […]

Let’s get real ladies, our makeup routines switch all the time. Whether there is a new product on the market we are dying to try, or our makeup bags just need a little updating, we are always looking for the next best thing to make our daily regimen stick.Even though we might be constantly presented […]

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