Jill Eye Cream Eyelash Specialist

Tired, overworked and wait…it’s allergy season? Nobody told us that we would trade in our designer bags for under eye bags this spring. There are only so many cold compresses to use to combat swelling and epsom salt baths to take to relieve puffiness, what’s a gal to do? All hail the savior of the […]

The sun is shining, the heat index is up, but safety is number one. With the sun strength at an ultimate high, skin protection is important, but eye protection is also must. Sunglasses always add a little extra to an outfit, but why not add a little more UV protection while we are at it. […]

Let’s get real ladies, our makeup routines switch all the time. Whether there is a new product on the market we are dying to try, or our makeup bags just need a little updating, we are always looking for the next best thing to make our daily regimen stick.Even though we might be constantly presented […]

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