Packed and ready to head out, but what about our beauty regimen? As we get mentally prepared to head back home for the holidays, we also need to make sure we pack the essentials. The holidays bring on too many peopleĀ and not enough patience. Busy lines, traffic congestion and not a worry for a lost […]

Turkey, stuffing, pie…repeat. Man, this season could be a killer. Not just a killer on your stomach, but on your mind, body and soul. Taking a moment to rethink your diet and refreshing could be just the key to getting back in the “eating” game just in time for Christmas. Fad diets, eating plans and […]

Is that the winter we are feeling? California winters are slightly mild, but from coast to coast, we’ve got major skin crackage. There is nothing as harsh over the holidays as dry skin. Whether it be your hands seeking an extra dose of moisture, or your bare legs during a California holiday, our skin is […]

The holiday season is upon us, so it’s time to get our stomachs ready. We are excited to indulge and anxiously await all the sweets, savories and deliciousness this time of year brings. So how do prep for this body traumatizing time? Push the pumpkin pie, thanksgiving turkey and stuffing aside. we are detoxing our […]

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