The Underarm Detox

As we latch on to liquid detoxes to flush out our systems, or ban carbs from our daily diet, we will do just about anything to live a healthier life. These simple changes with big rewards give us less bloat, and more room in our pants. The entire time you are on your personal “detox” journey, you cannot forget the one quick life change, your deodorant.

Throughout the day, your pores soak up everything. From dirt to dust, oils to sweat, your skin is a playing field waiting for a challenge. Consider the challenge as “game on” because our armpits are angry.

Daily deodorants we have become accustom to using are filled with harsh chemicals, varying amounts of aluminum and even have anti-perspirant abilities. The daily deodorant “swipe” has led to us absorbing these toxic chemicals without us even really knowing. A simple swap of deodorant types could be the change you need to truly detoxing your body and getting your groove back.

Try these 5 favorites filled with healthy botanicals, essential oils, free of toxins, and also have a pleasant scent.

Lavanila Laboratories “The Healthy Deodorant”
Tom’s Naturally Dry Deodorant
Milk Studios Natural Deodorant
Schmidt’s Lavendar + Sage

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