The Post Raging Hues

The term “I Woke Up Like This” has an allure of waking up looking incredible. Let’s face it ladies, not every morning looks like a 10. How do we face it? Well, in more colors than just one. Put your normal concealer to the side and make way for color correcting. This beauty trend, now more popular than ever, really puts color theory to the test. Major beauty brands are showcasing their best products ranging from colored concealers and primers to target problem areas to give you a flawless face. Green to calm redness, pink to cancel dark circles, and purple to brighten dullness are just three popular pigments to transform your morning look into afternoon chic. Check out these 5 popular palettes to give you all the color correcting coverage in a one stop shop.


Stila One Step Color Correcting Serum
Revlon Photo Ready Color Correcting Primer
Wet n’ Wild Color Correcting Palette
NYX Color Correcting Concealer
Stila Color Correcting Palette

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