Naturally Moisturized

As we endure massive FOMO when the newest product hits the stands and we are breaking the bank to keep up with the beauty trends, sometimes natural is better. In a world of high gloss, bright colors, and a new product being launched every second of the day, keeping it simple with your makeup is the way to go. Natural, organic, and jam packed with essential oils, these beauty must haves aren’t just luxurious, but they are beneficial to your health as well. Hints of antioxident rich green tea, the soothing tones of lavender, and moisturizing argan oil add an extra natural boost to your daily beauty regimen while saying bye bye to harmful chemicals. Check out these 5 naturally beautiful products to give your makeup collection the organic boost it needs.


Detox Mask via Live Crude
Lip Lush via Acure Naturals
Paw Paw & Honey Balm via Suvana Organics
Charisma Skin Tint via Lush
Night Moisturizer via Ecco Bella

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