Back to the Basics: The Chapped Edition

In the day and age of new products being released every minute, what happened to the basics? Remember back to the day when you took beauty advice from your mother and grandmother? They woud slather on products, which seem almost ancient now (or vintage in modern day words), that stood the test of time. These no fuss, no frill products have kept a consistent reputation in the ever changing world. Dry Skin? Moisturize with Bag Balm or Vaseline. Chapped lips? Rosebud Salve was the cure-all. Need a new shampoo? Try Mane and Tail, a cult classic.

No matter the year, day or age, reverting back to the basics sometimes is better. In an always changing society, it could be easier to just stick to the basics, and leave the frill for another day.

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