A Cup A Day…..

That morning buzz, the wake up elixir, that first hot sip to start the day..we’re talking coffee, the magical drink. A lot of important things happen over a cup of coffee. Important business deals, girl talk, that magical tinder date are just three examples of daily life moments that revolve over that good ol’ cup of job. You can revert back the classic cup, but who wouldn’t want to know what the latest coffee trend is. From butter enhanced coffee, to vitamin infused packs, to even a coffee body scrub (no need for consumption) the coffee market is HOT and we aren’t talking temperature.

See these top three new coffee cure-alls for a different approach to your daily brew.

Bulletproof Coffee via www.bulletproofcoffeeexec.com
Frank Body Scrub via https://us.frankbody.com/
Alphamind Coffee via http://www.alphamindcoffee.com/
Photos via Frank, Bulletproof & Alphamind

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