Bye-Bye Hangover, Hello Refresh!

Party girls unite, it’s the morning after and oh boy do we feel it! Champagne showers, dance moves on fleek and a night we surely can’t remember but also won’t forget, we have entered into hangover city and we have got to get out! Those mornings after the madness, we find ourself with puffy eyes, untamed hair, dehydrated skin and ready to just stay in bed and never get out. Well, strap on those sneakers, suit up and use these top five “get you back into gear” products that will be the cure-all to a champagne overdose.19

Rodial X-treme Hangover Mask via
Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off Undereye Cream via
Party Smart Herbal Supplement via
NYX Tinted Moisturizer via
EnduroPacks Electrolyte Spray via
Photos via Sephora, Amazon, Ulta, EnduroPack, Nordstrom

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