Moisture, Color, Rinse, Repeat.

In the day and age where we can basically do what we want, when we want, why not switch up our look a little bit. The hair trends are growing at a rapid rate, cycling back to the ombre hair fad, the classic bob cut and a long and wavy mane that is always a must. But what about some color? We have seen a rise in the rainbow hair trend in the last few months, and let’s be real….we ain’t mad at it. For those risk-takers, going the semi-permanent route is a grand leap, for those a little reserved, let’s talk temporary hair color. These Top 5 color booster, temporary to semi-permanent hair fixes let us get our freak on, one color of the rainbow at a time.

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Dye “Sunshine” via
RUSK Deep Shine Direct Semi-Permanent via
Kevin Murphy Color.Bug via
Joice Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Color via
Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Color via
Photos via Manic Panic, Rusk, Kevin Murphy, Joico, Arctic Fox

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