ABC’s of BB, CC & DD Creams

It seems that our skincare has turned a little bit into learning the alphabet. You wake up in the morning and while you get ready to conquer the day, your skincare is asking your ABC’s and D’s one cream at a time. In a word where the beauty industry is thriving and a new product is launched every second of everyday, how do we know which ones we really need for ourselves? Well…’s the BB, CC and DD cream breakdown and some helpful hints to picking which one is perfect for you.

The BB Cream

The BB cream (aka Beauty Balm) is the perfect option for a little correction and a whole lot of illumination. BB creams are jam-packed with antioxidants and illuminators that smooth out the tiny imperfections in your complexion and give a little boost to tone and brighten the skin. Say bye bye to no SPF, BB creams pack a double duty punch giving you a slight tint (lighter than a foundation), ample sun protection and conceal those tiny trouble spots for a flawless coverage.

The CC Cream

Oh hey CC Cream, we have been needing you lately. CC Cream (aka Color Correcting) is the perfect friend to those of us who experience dark spots, redness, acne scars and skin discoloration issues. This whip-like gift from above solves all of our color issues when trying to balance out tone, texture, and gives us a one shade look to our face. Bye-Bye awkward redness!

The DD Cream

The DD Cream is the mystery of the market. Companies are slowly shoveling out DD creams as they gain popularity as the “Double Duty” mix of CC and BB creams. When you think of DD creams, think of the over-achiever in life. DD creams are the perfect mix of coverage with a lighter feel than foundation but give maximum results.

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