A Quick, Affordable Fix to A Clean Look

There may only be 24 hours in the day, but a lot of us wish there could be more. Between the early morning gym routine, the daily grind at work, and everything else that makes us “busy bees” who really has the time to dedicate to the dreaded everyday hair wash. All praise the dry shampoo.

This “quick fix” maybe just the answer to a clean look that gives you that extra time to conquer the day. Not only does dry shampoo absorb and refresh, a little daily spritz adds volume, texture and fullness.

No need to break the bank, here are a few under $10 favorites that give you that flawless fix to take on the day.

Suave via www.suave.com (est. $2.88)

Marc Anthony via www.drugstore.com (est. $7.99)

Psssst! via www.ulta.com (est. $5.99)

Batiste Strength & Shine via www.ulta.com ($8.99)

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak via www.walmart.com ($7.44)

Photos via Suave, Ulta, Walmart, Drugstore.com

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